Understand the journey from technology to product

How do you turn an unmet need into a practical, usable product? How do you find the right product designer? What is the role of clinicians in medtech product development? What are the best strategies for small-batch manufacturing and how do you scale up?

In this insightful fireside chat co-hosted with Jumar Bioincubator, discover how Australian medtech luminary Cochlear turned an idea into a life-changing line of implants, restoring hearing for countless people worldwide.


Featuring Cochlear’s Robert Gay in conversation and Associate Professor Lauren Ayton of the Centre for Eye Research Australia, this event examines what it takes for start-ups and clinical entrepreneurs to address an unmet clinical need, taking your idea from proof of concept to commercial product.

You’ll gain insights into:

– what to look for in a product designer
– the clinician’s role in incorporating product usability and workflow integration concerns into the design process
– best strategies for small-batch manufacturing and scaling up


4:30 – 5pm: Arrival + short networking

5 – 5:15pm: Welcome by Camille Shanahan, General Manager of Jumar Bioincubator and Professor Andrea O’Connor, Co-Director of the Victorian Medtech Skills and Devices Hub

5:15 – 5:45pm: Fireside chat with Robert Gay from Cochlear, led by Associate Professor Lauren Ayton

5:45 – 6:05pm: Audience Q&A

6:05 – 7:30pm: Networking, drinks, canapés

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