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Victoria’s medical technology ecosystem is evolving – build the skill set you need to thrive as the sector grows with the Victorian Medtech Skills and Devices Hub.

Through our ACMD Academy initiative, we offer specialised education courses and industry connection opportunities for students, graduates and career-changers, as well as upskilling programs for professionals already working in Medtech.

Developed in collaboration with leading academic institutions and cutting-edge businesses, our training and placement offerings help you develop the skills, expertise, and professional connections needed to excel in the sector and progress your career. 

Education tailored to you

The VMH offers training and education in a variety of formats to suit the needs of students, graduates, career-changers and Medtech professionals.

Inclusive of short courses, micro-credentials, and workshops ranging in length from a couple of hours to several days, we’ve designed our programs to fit into your professional life, helping you develop the skills you need in the way you want. Future offerings will include both undergraduate and post-graduate degree qualifications aligned to Medtech industry needs.

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Teaching in-demand skills

Our training and education programs are designed in collaboration with Victoria’s Medtech industry, built to address the knowledge gaps employers are seeing in their own businesses as detailed in our Medtech Skills-Education Gaps Roadmap.

Learn with confidence knowing that you’re developing sought-after expertise that will open doors in your career.

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Connecting with the Medtech sector

Make valuable connections with industry experts and discover new opportunities through the Medtech Industry Connections (MIC) program.

The MIC program matches students, graduates, and career-changers with respected industry professionals in their chosen area of Medtech, helping you develop your professional network and access advice, guidance, and potential work opportunities.

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