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The Medtech Industry Connections (MIC) Program is working to build stronger connections between our industry and the students, graduates, and career-changers that are its future – and we need your support to do it.

We’re asking Victoria’s Medtech experts to share their experience and knowledge with the next generation of professionals through a flexible program that values your time.

Help future professionals access the career pathway guidance, industry connections, and opportunities they need to flourish in our sector.

Together, we can build a brighter future for Victorian Medtech, helping tomorrow’s innovators and leaders take the first step into a rewarding career.

What's involved

As a MIC Industry Expert, you’ll be matched for a face-to-face meeting with a student, graduate, or career-changer considering a future in Medtech.

You will only be matched with applicants who share your areas of interest and meet your skills and experience requirements, delivering more rewarding connections.

Industry Experts can tailor their level of involvement to suit their schedule and their organisation’s needs.

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What you'll achieve

Through the MIC Program, applicants may hope to access:

  • Career pathway guidance to help identify roles and areas of interest
  • Insights into current industry skills gaps and advice on professional development, facilitating more targeted upskilling
  • Information on opportunities for internships, industry projects and work integrated learning placements, where these exist
  • Industry connections to help open doors in a future career

Your match’s desired outcomes will be noted on their applicant profile, provided to you before any meeting is arranged.

How you can get involved

The VMH welcomes applications from potential Industry Experts via the form below.

In the signup process you will be asked to provide your communication and candidate preferences and we will ensure you are matched accordingly.

Following each meeting we will get in touch with you to record meeting outcomes and collect feedback to improve our matching process.

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Please reach out with any questions about becoming a MIC Program Industry Expert.

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