Reveal the next step in your Medtech career

The Medtech Industry Connections (MIC) Program helps students, graduates and career-changers make valuable connections with established industry experts, opening access to new opportunities, raising awareness of career pathways, and enhancing knowledge of the growing Medtech ecosystem.

The MIC Program focuses on participants’ passions and areas of interest in Medtech to tailor matches with relevant industry experts to ensure a more valuable experience.

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"The internship experience has allowed me to not only hone both technical and personal skills in several engineering domains, but provided a network of connections I will utilise throughout my MedTech journey."

– MIC Program participant

Build essential industry connections

Accelerate your career by connecting with established Medtech professionals.

Gain insights into Victoria’s rapidly changing Medtech sector, better understand your strengths as a professional, and learn how you can make yourself more employable through the MIC Program.

Discover valuable professional opportunities

Open doors in your career.

Connect with industry to explore potential internships and placements and learn where you might be able to take your next step in Medtech.

A select number of internship opportunities are available for 2024.

Access career pathway guidance

Discover your next step in Medtech.

MIC Program applicants can benefit from the experience of a Medtech professional working in your area of interest, helping you better understand the range of career pathways in the sector.


The MIC Program is open to anyone undertaking vocational studies, or pursuing an undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degree, in Engineering, Science, Medicine, or any other field relevant to Medtech.

When matching applicants to industry experts, the VMH will prioritise applicants who require placements as an integral part of their coursework and/or to earn course credits. Key skills, areas of interest, and previous experience will also factor into decision-making.

Please note that registration does not guarantee a match with an industry expert or industry placement.

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