Navigating Victoria’s Medtech sector

The Victorian Medtech Skills and Devices Hub is working to build a brighter future for Victorian Medtech, partnering with industry, education providers, and researchers to foster innovation within the sector.

An Australian-first medical technology hub, we’re here to help businesses navigate our state’s rapidly evolving and highly regulated medical technology ecosystem, enabling deeper cross-sector collaboration and knowledge exchange.

To achieve this, the VMH supports businesses in the sector through our ACMD Navigator initiative, helping to connect organisations like yours with the talent, guidance, and resources needed to reach their full potential.

The VMH is your front door to the Medtech sector, connecting organisations of all sizes with the training and resources needed to boost innovation.

Upskill your workforce

Develop sought-after skills in-house through VMH training programs, specifically designed to address skills gaps currently restricting sector growth.

Aligned to identified skills-education gaps in Medtech, our short courses and micro-certifications offer a cost-effective way to enhance business capability. 

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Shape the future of Medtech education

The VMH is looking to partner with industry-leading businesses to co-design education and training offerings, supporting the continued development of the Victorian Medtech workforce.  

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Connect with emerging talent

Bring new ideas into your business and help to shape the careers of future Medtech professionals by becoming an Industry Expert for our Medtech Industry Connections (MIC) Program. 

The MIC program matches students, graduates, and career-changers with experts in relevant sectors of Medtech to create opportunities for valuable professional connections. 

Sign up as an Industry Expert and support the development of emerging professionals considering a future in our sector.

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Guide the development of our sector

The VMH regularly produces reports on the current state of Medtech education and training in Australia, with the aim of improving job-readiness and enabling greater specialisation. 

To ensure VMH training offerings are aligned to industry needs, we’re inviting you to share your perspective.

What capabilities are you looking to access locally? What roles do you need filled? How can we create the conditions for your success? 

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