Professor David Grayden

Clifford Chair of Neural Engineering, University of Melbourne
Industry Advisory Committee Co-Chair
Professor David Grayden, FTSE, is Clifford Chair of Neural Engineering in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology and the Graeme Clark Institute for Biomedical Engineering. He is Co-Director of the Victorian Medtech Skills and Devices Hub.

Prof Grayden's main research interests are in understanding how the brain processes information, how best to present information to the brain using medical bionics, such as the bionic ear and bionic eye, and how to record information from the brain, such as for brain-machine interfaces and epileptic seizure forecasting.

He teaches BioDesign Innovation in collaboration with the Melbourne Business School.

Professor Andrea O’Connor

Shanahan Chair in Frontier Medical Solutions, University of Melbourne
Industry Advisory Committee Co-Chair
Professor Andrea O’Connor, PhD, FIChemE is the Shanahan Chair in Frontier Medical Solutions and a Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor at the University of Melbourne and the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery. She is a co-Director of the Victorian Medtech Skills and Devices Hub and leads the Tissue Engineering Group in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Her research focuses on design, synthesis and fabrication of biomaterials, porous materials and antimicrobial nanomaterials. She teaches biomedical engineering subjects including Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells.

Prof. O’Connor collaborates with clinicians, scientists, hospitals, medical research institutes and medical device companies to address clinical problems.

Dr Esther Apos

Director, CMS Scidoc Pty Ltd
Esther Apos is a founder and co-Director of CMS SciDoc Pty Ltd, a medical device compliance consulting firm which engages with medical device manufacturers for preparing conformity assessment applications and regulatory advice.

Over the past 25 years she has worked in academic and commercial research, pharma and medical device product development, clinical trials, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

She completed her BSc(Hons) from Monash University in 1988 and completed her Ph.D in Protein Chemistry/Biochemistry in 1992 through the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Melbourne.

Jarrod Belcher

REDI Director, MTPConnect
Jarrod Belcher is MTPConnect’s Director of the REDI program deploying an MRFF grant to close skills gaps in the MTP sector.

Jarrod is a passionate workforce development professional committed to assisting companies and industries achieve their potential through skilling workforces, across Australia,the Pacific, Asia and Middle East to government, NGO and corporate clients utilising innovative practices to embed and apply newly developed skills and behaviours.

He previously was a founder of a life science company.

Helen Cameron

National Sales Manager, OPC Health
Helen Cameron is the National Sales Manager at OPC Health, where she leads a team responsible for driving sales strategies and achieving outcomes in the allied health Market.

Across a 30-year career in healthcare sales, Helen has held pivotal roles at renowned companies such as Johnson & Johnson Vision, ABBOTT Medical Optics, Daniels Health, SteriHealth Laboratory products, and Baxter Healthcare.

Helen's commitment to continuous improvement, her ability to think creatively when confronted with challenges, and her passion for sharing knowledge have contributed to a well-deserved reputation as a respected leader in the healthcare industry.

Peter Gibson

Vice President & Fellow Implants & Surgery, Cochlear
Peter Gibson studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Sydney and an MBA at Macquarie University. After 10 years in R&D of pacemakers and defibrillators he joined Cochlear ® in 1997 where he led several implant developments. Peter’s current role as Vice President & Fellow, Implants & Surgery in the Advanced Innovation group at Cochlear includes exploration of technologies with a long-term horizon.

In parallel he leads a team working with start-up companies in early stage development of new implantable devices. He also oversees collaborations with university clinics globally on research across the range of scientific and technological disciplines for implantable hearing.

Professor Rachael McDonald

Director, MedTechVic Hub, Program lead, Chronic Disease and Disability, Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute Swinburne University of Technology
Professor McDonald is a clinical, teaching and research academic who has undertaken ground-breaking, innovative, traditional and non-traditional research to enable equity for people with complex lifelong conditions with the aim to support access to health and support ability to participate in the activities that people want or need to do.

In the rapidly developing technological environment, multidisciplinary, person centred design is essential to add value, to ensure efficiency and applicatibiity to make a more equitable world.

Dr Ewan Nurse

Director of Epilepsy Research, Seer Medical
Dr. Ewan Nurse is the Director of Epilepsy Research at Seer and an Honorary Senior Fellow in the Department of Medicine, St Vincent's Hospital at the University of Melbourne.

His work focuses on the application of technology to diagnosing, treating, and managing epilepsy. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Ewan holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Melbourne, which focused on decoding information from brain implants.

Rod Weibenga

Head of D+I Melbourne, Design + Industry
Rod Wiebenga, BA / Bachelor of Design (Honours) Industrial Design (RMIT)

Rod is an Industrial Designer with over 25 years experience providing Product Design & Development consulting services to industries ranging from Consumer through to the highly regulated Defence and Medtech sectors.

Over the last 8 years in his role as the Head of D+I Melbourne, he has successfully overseen the expansion of the studio to 30 staff and been instrumental in spearheading the growth of medical device development, electronics HW/FW engineering, as well as the establishment of their ISO 13485 Quality Management System.

His main skills and responsibilities lie in business development, office management and personnel growth, and the de-risking of projects to ensure effective transfer through manufacturing and successful commercial outcomes for clients.